Manage Staff Attendance

Managing Staff attendance on web

Step 1: In the "Staff Attendance" tab, click on "Fetch" button to fetch data of the staff 


Step 2: Since you have fetched your data, you can now export the result by clicking "Export Data" button 


Step 3: Now click on the "Staff Checking" tab, and click on "Check In" button to check in each staff



Step 4: Click on "Check Out" button to check out, and click on "Staff Attendance" tab to view the status of the staff



 Managing Staff attendance on mobile

Step 1: Click on the profile logo above the apple logo which is in the bottom right corner


Step 2: Now click on the "Check In" tab to check in


Step 3: Now You have checked in, If you want to check out click on the "Check Out" tab


Step 4: Now an alert will be shown, Click on "YES"

You have been now checked out


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