How to set up your school account

You can setup your preschool and starting sending announcements in 3 easy steps.

01.  Create your school account

Creating your school account takes around 1 minute. You would need your email address and phone number. Once this is done you can setup your school.

02.  Add classrooms, teachers and students

Once you add the teachers and students, invitations are automatically sent via email to the teachers and parents to join the classroom.  All they need to do it to download Skooly mobile and get started. Here is a sample Skooly invite for you to paste on your notice board if needed.
Adding Classrooms
Adding Teachers
Adding Students
03.  Adding classes
You can add the classes for each teacher or ask the teachers to create their own classes from Skooly app.

Now you are all set ! Upload your school logo and send announcements

Please upload a square picture of your school logo in jpeg or png. You can send announcements to all the participants in your school. Here are a few ideas.
1. Send announcements about any upcoming activities
2. Schedule a school holiday or school event. These events will automatically get added into the participants’ calendars on the mobile as well
3. Celebrate students achievements of your school along with the teachers and parents.
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